GPD: Gainesville man disrupts traffic, threatens officer with rock

Gainesville, Fla. (WCJB) — Gainesville police say a man who also goes by the name "White Jesus" disrupted traffic and threatening an officer with a large rock.

According to a police report, Joshua Gillen was walking up and down the middle of South Main Street near downtown and jumping on the hoods of moving cars. Police also say he was tossing a large rock to himself.

An officer later confronted him when Gillen put the rock behind his head, which made the officer think Gillen was going to throw it at him, according to police. The officer later grabbed a taser and told Gillen to get to the ground, when Gillen threw the rock to his right, according to a report.

He was taken to the emergency room where police say he threatened a nurse.

He is charged with multiple counts of assault.