GPD: Woman charged with stabbing boss with fishing knife accused of embezzlement

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) — The woman who was accused of stabbing her boss with a fishing knife was arrested again after police said the stabbing was a second attempt at murder.

According to a sworn complaint, Gainesville police said Linda Renae Williams, 40, attempted to crash into her boss’ vehicle near SW 15th Avenue while she was on her way to work on January 17.

When Williams’ attempt failed, she went to her work office at Scruggs, Carmichael, and Wershow and waited for the accounting and administrative director to arrive. When she did, Williams asked to speak to her inside and stabbed her multiple times with a fishing knife.

Upon further investigation, police learned Williams was in charge of the law firm’s finances and was recently confronted about some discrepancies. Williams’ boss believed that she was stealing money from the law firm.

Multiple employees at the law firm told police they witnessed the altercation that resulted in Williams’ arrest.

She was initially charged with attempted murder and was booked at the Alachua County Jail where she posted her $250,000 bond.

When GPD conducted a follow-up investigation, they learned Williams’ cell phone and GPS records revealed she was near SW 15th Avenue at the time of attempted crash and her vehicle matched the description her boss gave to police, making the stabbing incident a second murder attempt.

Williams was charged with a second count of attempted murder and was booked at the Alachua County Jail with bond now set at $1,000,000.