UPDATE: GPD collects 121 unwanted guns during winter buyback event

Published: Dec. 22, 2019 at 12:39 AM EST
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We initially reported that one of the weapons turned in at the buy-back was an Uzi with an illegal silencer, based on information given to us by a Gainesville Police Department representative. We have since learned that the attachment is actually a barrel shroud, which is not an illegal attachment.


Dozens of guns have been bought by GPD and the state attorney's office after several people turned in their firearms for cash Saturday.

It's part of the Gainesville Police Department's gun buyback program to curb gun violence. Gun owners can anonymously turn over unwanted and unused weapons such as handguns, long guns and even Uzi's.

The gun buyback event ended early after GPD reached its $7,800 allotment.

Darry Lloyd, a state attorney deputy chief investigator, said they collected over 100 guns, which was comparable to what they collected during their gun buyback event last August.

The funds for this program come from forfeiture funds, Lloyd clarified.

"They're coming from criminal activity folks who have had to pay their due diligence to society and now you have funding to provide for events like this," Lloyd said.

Across the street, the second group of private collectors had their own signs offering cash to collect guns. Chris Rose is a private gun collector with a similar end goal: to provide a safe way for people to get rid of their guns.

"Basically, we're just trying to out-bid what the cops are giving on pieces that are legal weapons and functional and in decent to good condition," Rose said.