GRU warns that scammers are calling GRU customers requesting immediate payment to avoid disconnection

GRU customers are receiving calls from a caller ID listed as the City of Gainesville and 352-334-3434. Scammers are cloning GRU’s customer service number and providing a call-back number of 866-978-6309. Please dismiss these calls and never provide any sensitive, personal information to the caller. GRU representatives have contacted the company and instructed them not to use GRU’s number.

Customers should also note:

· Do not fall for high-pressure tactics, including threats that you are about to be disconnected for not paying your bill. Do not provide any credit card, debit card or bank account numbers to anyone over the phone, unless you are certain of the caller’s authenticity.

· If someone threatens immediate disconnection or shutoff of service, customers should hang up the phone, delete the email, or shut the door. Customers with delinquent accounts receive an advance disconnection notification, typically by mail and included with their regular monthly bill. GRU never sends a single notification one hour or less before disconnection.

If customers suspect someone is trying to scam them, they should hang up, delete the email, or shut the door. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of a call or email appearing to be from GRU, immediately contact GRU's Customer Service Department at 352-334-3434 or verify your account status online. If the communication is deemed fraudulent, please report it to the Gainesville Police Department at 352-955-1818 or

For more info on scams, please visit