Gainesville Black Professionals virtual mixer

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- For the past four years, Gainesville Black Professionals have mixers that help business owners and people grow their network.
COVID-19 was going to cancel the event but instead, the group decided to connect in another way.

Noah Wilburn, owner I Am creative, "Even through the bad things, there can be some good that comes out of it"

More than 40 members of Gainesville Black Professionals tuned in via zoom to catch up and point out useful resources to help through the pandemic.

Executive Director of Black Professionals, Virginia Grant, "because I think there's a need for us to connect and see what our fellow business owners and professionals need right now from us. And then I also think there's the need for us to connect socially. I mean with the social distancing you know all this going on, some of us really just need to get out, and we can't get out but it'll be really nice to see a few people you haven't seen in a few months."

People spoke about ways to give back to those in need.
Wilburn added, "Just going out in the community, just just serving. You know, hey how can I help you?"

Business owners had the chance to network.
"It's really just putting me in a room with people who need businesses that need content made because that's what I do. And then just having me talk to them, there's really no, there's really no formula to it and that's why that's what I love about it."

The resources available through Gainesville Black Professionals such as their small business directory and information on future mixers are included in this article.