Gainesville Mom's March For Gun Law Changes

GAINESVILLE, Florida (WCJB) Gainesville mom's marched the streets today to raise awareness for safer gun laws.
Tv20's Landon Harrar was at the march and shows us why these mothers feel the need to speak up loudly about gun violence.

This is the fifth year "Mom's Demand Action" members have taken to the streets.
Margaret Hamer marched today with her daughter and said" rather than protesting we're advocating, advocating for laws that make it less easy to commit gun violence is the easy way to say it."
The events leader for Gainesville's Mom's Demand Action group, Katie Browder said "We're not anti-gun, but we're anti-gun violence and we wanted to raise awareness to promote common sense gun legislation which will keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people."
For some hearing news of gun violence is a reason to march, others have had experiences closer to home.
Browder mentioned "I lost my sister to gun violence, to domestic gun violence and she's one of my "Why's" why am I motivated to participate in moms demand action, why do I want safer gun laws, to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers."
Hamer said "When you think that we've had 11 school shootings already in 2018 and its only January 27th, is appalling, just appalling, kids can't go to school and be safe."
Tv20's Landon Harrar reported So the march going on behind me actually started of with only a few people, but every tenth of a mile thats where they started to pick up more as people were waiting, and holding signs as you can see next to me. People were honking their cars and there's really a good reason why its staggered like that."
Hamer explained "it was a progressive march to symbolize we started as one person and we've grown into a much larger group."
Many held signs saying "expect us," a promise to Florida lawmakers.
Hamer said"If you are member of the Florida legislature and you're trying to pass a bill that wants guns in schools, churches, guns on playgrounds, we're going to be in that hearing room, expect us we'll be there."
The march covered 2 miles from beginning to end, Browder says marches similar to this took place all over the country.