Gainesville Police Department new facial recognition tech

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 10:33 PM EST
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The Gainesville Police Department is using facial recognition to aid in their investigations. Clearview AI is a facial recognition program that GPD uses to help investigators get one step closer to gathering evidence and building a case. The tool is assistance in identifying a potential lead.

GPD is upgrading its facial recognition program to Clearview AI because of its efficiency. The program can use profiles and partial faces to search databases and give more results through algorithms.

Inspector Jorge Campos says why the upgrade was important.

"Where that's helpful for us is if we're trying to identify a victim of some kind of child exploitation, sex trafficking or something like that. Those people more than likely don't have a record or never been arrested. So identifying them is paramount to stop the crime that's continuing and bring the suspects to justice."

Clearview ai uses databases for sexual offenders, arrest reports and social media. Although social media isn't a primary source, Clearview AI gathers data from any source that is publicly available. GPD started their demo with Clearview AI in June 2019 but has used facial recognition programs for the past 8 years.

Since last July, GPD has conducted over 2,000 searches on Clearview AI and only 10 people have access to it. Campos added that GPD ensures that the program is utilized appropriately by the few users.