Gainesville Residents Honor Tom Petty's Memory

GAINESVILLE, Florida (WCJB) Gainesville residents continue to remember Tom Petty, whether that be through art or a class soon to be offered at UF.
Tv20's Landon Harrar shows us how Petty's influence isn't forgotten in his hometown.

UF Professor of Journalism Clay Calvert started off"Petty is pervasive throughout Gainesville in terms of his influence."
Which is the reason one local artist painted a mural about petty…and fixed another tom petty mural just last month after it was defaced.
Blake Harrison is that local artist who wants to keep Petty's memory fresh. "He was born here and went to high school at Gainesville high school so we have a certain love for Tom that no other town has."
You can see the mural on the side of import sales and service on the corner of SE 16th Ave and S Main Street.
Harrison said about his mural "I hope they see a really nice painting that they can appreciate artistically and also know that we take pride in tom and tom's music."
Professor Calvert agrees art is one way to keep Petty immortalized."Artistic tributes to Tom Petty throughout Gainesville are wonderful I mean we're embracing a local legend really by doing so and creative outlets such as painting murals dedicated to him are very inspirational and I think it helps keep Tom Petty's memory and legacy alive."
Professor Calvert is recognizing Tom Petty in his own way, by teaching a class at UF about his life and.
"It is dedicated to Tom Petty's life, works and all, the telling of his story kind of from the beginnings, the humble beginnings here in Gainesville Florida all the way to the success and the highs and lows along the way in Los Angeles."
The class is set to debut next semester and Calvert hopes to offer students a unique experience.
Calvert explained "It will be about more than simply reading the book and doing response papers, it will be more of a holistic experience, a holistic Petty experience. The students will analyze Tom Petty lyrics, we might try to find some locations around Gainesville where there's some residue of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers."
The class only has 15 available spots and will be a one credit class.