Gainesville Road Rage Incident

A road rage incident on Waldo road landed a man from Gainesville behind bars.

It happened just before noon yesterday.
Police say 28-year-old Gregory London became angry after he incorrectly believed a driver hit his car.
London pulled up next to the driver's side window and pulled out a pistol while yelling explicit language.
The victim fled to the sheriffs office parking lot, causing London to give up the chase.
Police later arrested London -- but did not find the weapon on him.

"...When the officers were making the arrest of London... The officers removed a red bandana... And on the street a red bandana.. Or any other bandana are deemed colors.. Gang colors.. And London made some statements to the officers that he was very upset the officer was removing his gang colors.. And basically making some threats against the officer.

London is a convicted felon with a history of gang affiliation, but denied ever being in possesion of the pistol.