Gainesville business gets warning about plastic straw ban

Published: Dec. 20, 2019 at 6:40 PM EST
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The City of Gainesville is implementing a new plastic straw and stirrer ban in 2020 aimed at helping the environment.

Satchel's Pizza in Gainesville got a warning from the city in October saying they have until January 2 to get rid of their plastic straws.

The owner says they're using up the last of their plastic straws and won't be ordering any more once they run out.

He says they won't be getting any paper straws either because people just don't seem to like them.

"They break easily,” said one customer. "They’re really malleable."

"You know, after just a few times of using, it just kind of falls apart and stuff, so it's just not really something that's like practical to use,” said Gainesville resident Nelson Langley.

"People tend to complain a lot about the paper straws. Like I said, I don't want to give out products that are subpar,” said Satchel’s Pizza owner Satchel Raye.

The Satchel’s gift shop will also have bamboo and metal straws for customers to buy and re-use.

"I actually have my own metal straws. Yeah, I don't use them that often. Like I said, just the practicality of bringing them everywhere, but I think once restaurants start to get rid of all the plastic straws, then I'll probably start using them more."

Raye says he doesn't think the change will have much of an effect on his business, especially since they'd already been cutting down on how many straws they give out.

"We've probably given away half as many straws as we used to because we used to give straws to every table, and now we just give straws to people who ask,” he said.

Raye says the business will have no problem complying with the new rules.

The city’s single-use plastic straw and stirrer ban goes into effect on January 1.