Gainesville citizens lead initiative to choose electricity company

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Gainesville, Fla. (WCJB) -- Customers of Gainesville Regional Utilities who have long complained about high rates and political control of the utility are organizing to do something about it.

An initiative that would allow Florida residents to choose their electric utility is centered in Alachua County.

A referendum to take control of GRU from the city commission failed last November.

A political action committee called Citizens for Energy Choices has since formed to tackle the issue from a different angle. They group has spent more than $1 million to gather signatures for a proposal that would deregulate utilities. They plan to add it to next year's ballot.

Most of that money came from a non-profit called Coalition for Energy Choice which has the same address in Alachua as the PAC.

A senate committee began reviewing the possible financial impact of deregulation Sunday night.