Gainesville city commission discusses public comment changes, email archiving

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Gainesville residents may be seeing some changes when it comes to the public comment process during commission meetings.

The commission met this afternoon to talk about ways they can make communication more efficient between city leaders and residents.

This discussion comes after several public meetings where some residents had to be removed from the podium.

Gainesville resident Karen Arrington says she wants some kind of change to keep meetings flowing smoothly for residents.

“They wait and they wait and they wait and have kids and they have sick relatives to go back to. that’s the big reason why they don’t come to these meetings,” she said.

Commissioners are asking the Clerk's office to come back with more options to further clarify the alternate methods for obtaining public comments - either through e-mail or online forms.

During the meeting, commissioners also voted to keep archiving commissioner emails.

The emails would just come with a clearer disclaimer telling residents their emails are public record.