Gainesville man arrested for criminal mischief after putting fishing line, duct tape, and oil on his apartments stairs

A resident of the Oaks Condos in Gainesville was arrested Sunday after police say he poured oil on the stairs next to his apartment and barricaded the stairs with fishing line, duct tape and thin rubber gaskets.

Police say after they found the mess, they spoke to Derrick Walker, 34, who claimed that people were purposefully banging their feet and legs against the stairs and wall to get back at him for his several lawsuits.

A police report later mentioned he has an insurance claim. According to police, that caused Walker to put the oil, duct tape, fishing line and thin rubber gaskets on the stairs.

After a search, police say they found fishing line in Walker's pocket and cooking oil in his doorway.

Police also spoke with neighbors, who say they have reported odd, harassing and aggravated stalking behavior over the past few months.
Walker faces a charge of criminal mischief.