Gainesville startup brings augmented reality to special events

Published: Dec. 4, 2018 at 5:15 PM EST
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A Gainesville startup is using a technology in your phone's camera to enhance the experience of galas or conferences.

On this Tech Tuesday, TV20's Olana Osborn shows us how advanced technology is making its way into everyday events by using 'augmented reality' -- she tells us what that is as well, take a look.

Being told to download yet another app probably doesn't make you want to head to the app store...

“So what we’ve done is created an augmented reality experience where an attendee doesn’t have to download an app, they don’t have to put anything else on their device, they simply open up their camera,” said Jared Beasley, CEO and co-founder of Preview.

Just aim your camera at a QR code made by Preview, “the camera it’s self has on the back and, the ability to recognize qr codes just by simply pointing them at it,” Beasley said.

Then, you see visual material overlaid onto your camera, which is augmented reality -- computer-generated information over top of what you see in real life. This makes galas and conferences more interactive for the visitor and for the exhibitor.

“I get the lead in real time, if I were to reload my platform as an exhibitor, minutes later, I see you, I see all of the interaction you’ve taken, and rather than waiting two weeks, I can reach out immediately," Beasley explained.

Exhibitors get feedback on their content, which can be immediately customized.

“'let’s start promoting that, let’s rearrange the content,' and is soon as you drag and drop it in there, the next person interview at sees that content,” Beasley said, as he showed how to easily customize content within the platform.

Instead of posting more signs and downloading more apps, preview helps exhibitors get more reach, and visitors more interaction.

“If I have the options of virtual reality, and augmented reality, to make the most use of that space, I could be a quarter of the size of my competitor, however I’ve got 10 times the reach,” said the CEO.

Preview can be used for any event -- from ones at the Cade museum, to conventions across the country. To learn how to use preview for your event, click