Gainesville woman calls 'fashion police' for help tying son's tie

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- She called the fashion police and they came to the rescue.

Diana Wicks of Gainesville was on a mission to help her son look classy for a wedding this weekend.

With nobody around to help tie her son's tie, she took a short drive down to the sheriff's office.

It's not a typical call Alachua County Combined Communications dispatchers usually take.

"I already prepared all of his clothes, ironed and everything and pants and stuff and so only thing that was left was his tie. I said 'oh my goodness, how am I gonna tie this tie?’.” Wicks said.

Wicks pushed the call button outside of the communications center.

On the other end, the employee who answered the call asked her coworkers if anyone knew how to tie the knot.

Hannah Mesh, a newly trained 911 call-taker came to the rescue.

"I said 'you can tie this tie’. And she was like yeah so she took the tie from me and put it around her neck and she tied it. I said, 'oh my goodness, I am so happy, y'all make my day.’.” Wicks said.

“That small task throughout our entire day, made my day and a lot of my coworkers' day. It made us thankful that there's still people like her out there,” Wicks said.