Woman dragged 40 yards by car

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - A Gainesville woman was hospitalized after she was dragged underneath a moving car. Police said a car was driving through the Spyglass Apartment Complex when the driver hit the woman and dragged her about 40 yards before stopping at the front gate near the pool area.

Neighbors said they woke up to terrifying screams at around 5 am. "It was like really scary and super loud," said Samantha Tournesy, a resident. "I just heard these really loud screaming and it startled me because I woke up."

"I assumed it was maybe partying potentially," said Mark Mansfield who lives in the building next to the clubhouse.

Mansfield said he looked outside and realized the yelling sounded aggressive. "I didn't know really what to do so I went to wake up my roommates cause I assumed it was maybe a dangerous situation."

Witnesses had to lift the car up and pull the woman out from under it.

"I hope she's okay, cause that's so scary. I can't imagine that happening to me or someone I know," said Tournesy.

Police say the woman is okay. The driver is being investigated for a DUI but no arrest has been made.