Gainesville's 2nd annual "Mom Prom" a night of dancing, fun and charity

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- Almost 200 princesses tried on the glass slipper tonight, and it fit every time.
It was ladies night out at Gainesville's second annual "Mom Prom."

Here's how they are also giving some other moms a helping hand.

It's not just an event to get dressed up and look fancy, but that's definitely part of the fun.
Lauren Depaola is an event coordinator for Mom Prom who explained the charitable aspect of the night of partying. "It's a ladies night out so this is the annual fundraiser for the Alachua County Perinatal Mental Health Coalition. It's called Gainesville Mom Prom, it's the second year that we've done this so it's a night out to raise awareness for maternal mental illnesses such as postpartum depression."

They support moms by helping fund a project called the "all bottoms covered" diaper bank.
"We provide diapers to those with low incomes to offset the costs as well as educational information on perinatal mental illnesses."

The all ladies event is a time for moms to let loose, take pictures with friends and dance…all with no husbands or kids.
Depaola said, "My husband's been getting excited too because he can just send me out and he doesn't have to get dressed up so it's been a lot of fun preparing and it's just awesome to be here and see all the ladies dressing up and having a great time."

Leighann Boyle says she's been looking forward to the event for months. "It is just so amazing to know my kids are home they're not out with me which they normally are. We're in the sports season, we're in baseball we just finished soccer so to have a night to just celebrate us women, us moms who are normally the carpool soccer moms, phenomenal."

You don't have to be a mom to attend mom prom says Depaola, they expect to make this an annual event held every year right before the summer when as moms know, it can get a little hectic if you have kids.