Gainesville's Newest Hotel Opening Soon

GAINESVILLE, FL (WCJB) Gainesville's newest hotel will open February 20th, and so far It has had a bumpy road getting there.
But developers say, It is also helping the surrounding community.

The AC Hotel Gainesville Downtown developers agreed to help improve infrastructure like storm water and sewage pipes before construction of the hotel could start.
City Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos said "With those added infrastructure improvements now the area around there which was having issues with storm water and other issues are now able to develop the surrounding areas, allowing to have a higher density and keeping the student areas around campus and keeping the students kind of out of the way of the neighborhoods."
The cost for those improvements was set to be reimbursed, however developers haven't met all their requirements, specifically meeting the opening date which was supposed to be late 2017.
Hayes-Santos explained "Its close to 3 million dollars and that money is already budgeted, so there will be some more money coming back into our budget that we thought we would have to spend but most likely won't have to because they didn't meet the timelines they were supposed to."
The hotel is surrounded by student housing, which partially caused the delay.
General Manager for the AC Hotel Gainesville Downtown Robert Plutto said "Student housing opened first and that was part of the process to make sure student housing opened first with the same ownership group so we wanted to make sure the students could get in which pushed our opening date back a few months."
The new hotel boasts 144 rooms, And according to Plutto, A view hard to find anywhere else in Gainesville.
Plutto added "From a height standpoint its one of the highest hotels in Gainesville, we do have 10 floors. There is that rooftop pool which actually looks directly into the swamp which is a huge aspect for the area."
Hayes-Santos says there's already plans for more hotels to go up as the city and university continue to grow.
"I think we'll see more hotels and see more in fill in the downtown area and probably along the edges of the university. Lot 10 which has kind of been around for a few years is finally coming back to the city commission with new developments coming forward and that is for a hotel."
Plutto says the roughly 15 million dollar project already has a million dollars of revenue booked, even before the doors have opened.