Gainesville's newest Boy Scouts Troop has no boys in it.

Published: Dec. 2, 2018 at 6:38 PM EST
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Starting in February of 2019 Gainesville's first ever boy scouts group will be made up of all girls.

Here's what girl power means to this group of future scouts.

The meeting was for girls who have an interest in outdoor adventures.

Kim Foli will be their scoutmaster and explains why Sunday aftrnoon was the beginning of something so much more.

"Today is super exciting this is the first time that girls in Gainesville that are interested are able to come out and find out what it would be like for them to participate in the scouting program."

For some, the new opportunity is just about having fun. Others say they have the desire to be a part of the first group of girls to ever to earn themselves the title of eagle scout.

Kim Foli said, "for the girls who know the value and the significance of the eagle scout rank to have that become a possibility is literally a dream come true."

Olivia Foli has been tagging along with her brother ever since she can remember and now knowing she can earn the eagle scout rank just like him has her motivated. " I couldn't believe it because for the past 14 years I never thought I'd be able to earn my eagle scout rank and it was just amazing that I have the chance to do it."

The troop will meet every Sunday and once a month go outdoors for all types of excursions.

Kim Foli descried those excursions as, "once a month we will have an outdoor adventure which is what we call it and we're going to be camping, backpacking we will kayak and canoe, horseback ride. We're going to do everything the girls tell me they want to do."

For now, a combined leadership committee will oversee both the girls and boys troops which will meet on different days but will sometimes join together for co-ed activities.