Gainesville pizzeria gives back to community with help from customers

Published: Oct. 4, 2019 at 7:45 PM EDT
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City Slice on Archer Road is offering meals for not only the homeless community but anyone in need of a meal. Owners told TV20 their initiative is possible thanks to their giving customers.

"Every time I walk in here and I see more and more stickies up on that board it just gives you a great feeling of satisfaction".

Matthew Dibernado is part owner of City Slice on archer road in Gainesville and says the restaurant's mission is to serve — even those in need.

"We want to be able to serve everyone, so anyone that could use a slice of pizza or a pizza and wants to come in and meet some new people and have some fellowship, this is the place to be," said Matthew Dibernado, part-owner of City Slice.

Owners at City Slice are paying it forward with the help of their customers in a creative way.

Customers can pay for a slice or a whole pizza for someone in need, that customer will be given a stickie to place on the "pay it forward" wall in the restaurant, and then that stickie can be redeemed by anyone needing a meal.

"Many times there's always the concern in the community, who really has the needs and who doesn't , you know people are always wanting something from you, but what a great idea that you can give back but you're giving back and you know it's going to go to food and help the poor," said Franco Gennaro, customer.

"I really appreciate what they're doing here in the community and it really means a lot especially as a college student, obviously with college bills and all of that its just a blessing," said Zachary Jones, customer.

One customer says he thinks the initiative will have a great impact in the community.

"I think it's going to give hope to people more than anything, you know it takes a lot of courage to go over there and take the sticky off the wall to redeem it for a free pizza," said Angelo Gennaro, customer.

Owners at City Slice told TV20 there will be no questions asked for those who come in and that they simply just want to help the Gainesville community in any way they can.