Gator attacks and kills pet dog, family warns others

Published: Nov. 10, 2017 at 5:57 PM EST
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A family's pet dog was eaten by an alligator on Newnan's Lake. They want to warn others to be careful.

"It's been hard because I lost my best friend that day," said Easton Lowery, 8 years old. He never thought a Saturday by the water would turn into his worst nightmare. "I could hardly stop thinking about it right after it happened. I was pouring down tears."

Lowery and his mom, Scarlett Dent, were throwing sticks into the water with their two dogs, Beignet and Blue.

"First I saw the gator pop up out the water," said Lowery.

Dent was distracted talking to a neighbor.

"Easton took off running and screaming by the time I turned around to look at Beignet. He was struggling, and I saw the back of the gator, I never saw his head," said Dent.

Dent tried pulling beignet from the alligator's mouth. Beignet bit on her hands trying to get free from it's grasp. "He looked at me and he went under, and I never saw him again," she said.

She and her son are hoping others heed their warning.

"I started screaming because I realized my son was almost in that same area a few minutes before," Dent said.

"I should have felt lucky because I could have been the one taken by the gator," Lowery said.

Dent said she has grown up near the water her whole life. "I've seen gators and just never and I don't know I guess I became more comfortable around the water."

Beignet was about to turn two years old.

"He was the sweetest dog ever. He would lay down with me on the couch. He'd play with me," Easton said with tears in his eyes.

Dent reported the attack to Florida Fish and Wildlife.