Gator fans get excited for the return of Gator football

It's the day Gator nation has been waiting for, the official start of college football season. With the gators on the road set to face the Miami Hurricanes in Orlando. But back at home, fans are packing local venues and sporting their gator gear all with high hopes. We hit the streets today and spoke to some excited Gator fans.

Even students who aren't super keen on sports are feeling the excitement in the air as game time draws closer and closer.

Chandler Rosamonda is a UF freshman who said, "so I want to get into football now because I've never really been into sports. I tried doing sports but I'm in college now, might as well have a new experience and join the family that is UF."

Katie Salzman and Alaina Kim are also freshmen excited to feel the energy generated by Gameday. "People are really excited about football and I am too for sure. Honestly just like everything I feel like the energy everyone talks about is insane here so I'm excited to witness it."

The UF marching band and spirit squad members are chomping at the bit to show off their skills get fans to "get up and holler"

Libbee Stephens who is a junior and is on the spirit squad for the second year said, "it just really fuels us for all the passion and energy we put on the field and it transfers into the stadium and to the fans as well. They see our passion, they get more passion then the football players, it's just like an explosion of happiness out there."

And of course one of the most important things for UF freshmen is to make sure when they do need to get loud, they know the right words to use.

TV20's Landon Harrar asked, "are you going to be learning your chants and how to gator chomp or do you already know how to do that?" Salzman and Kim replied, "oh no I need to learn, same."