Gator freshmen meet new friends through "Battle of the Halls" competition

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- The freshman year starts early for many new Florida Gators, and Wednesday evening they formed teams and got competitive during the 3rd annual Battle of the Halls.

This revolving competition showcases multiple fun sports and games like human foosball, giant pink volleyball, dodgeball and of course corn hole.

Jon Broska who runs UF intramural sports clubs and this event explained, "it's a chance to bring new students on campus who haven't really experienced too much at UF to get them to experience life with their floormates, their friends develop some new relationships. We bring them out to the Broward complex where they get to play a lot of games, they get to have fun and we tell them what rec sports are all about."

Freshmen Francesca Reyes and Kelley Sullivan of team "Springs Complex" said, "we just met today and we've been meeting a ton of people it's been a great experience."
Noah Kellogg of team "Springs 5 and 6" added, "a lot of people, competition brings out something in them that maybe they would be too shy to hide normally. So it's like a really good way of seeing people like they really are instead of being too nervous to meet people and all that."

And with new friends in tow, it makes looking towards their next four years even more special.
Matt Reiswig and Benjamin Gelok of team "Springs 5 and 6" said," oh I'm so excited there are limitless opportunities here academically and outside the classroom." Gelok went next to say, "words can't describe how excited I am, go Gators. Kellogg finished with, "yeah I'm so hyped these first two weeks have already been some of the best of my life so I'm so excited."

Tv20's Landon Harrar reported, "and the eventual winner won't have just played fun games and made new friends they'll also be bringing this big trophy home and putting it into there residence hall where it will stay all year long. There’s gotta be something to say about bragging rights.