Gilchrist County Cemetery Hit and Run

Some are turning in their graves in Gilchrist County, after a vehicle drove through it a week ago.

Tv20's Landon Harrar shows us what cemetery caretakers have to say and what state troopers have to say about the incident that left a mess.
These gravestones were knocked off their pedestals sometime on February fourth by a hit and run driver.

The driver dragged almost one-hundred feet of fence across the cemetery as they fled.
President o the Jennings Lake Cemetery Dell Ray Cannon described what he saw when he first saw the aftermath" when I first come out here I witnessed this corner post completely down and drug down where that pile of wire is. And the wire from this way almost down to the gate was snatched across the cemetery."
The damage has already been fixed by neighbors Cannon named as Tommy Jones and Michele Walker.
"They know we're non profit here and they have family buried out here."
Tv20's Landon Harrar reported "Dell says he's not even looking for any compensation or any type of money he simply wants whoever is responsible to confess and say they're sorry."
"I would be totally completely satisfied if they came and admit to us what happened and say it was their fault
State troopers say hit and runs are steadily becoming more frequent especially when it involved property being damaged without human injury.
Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Patrick Riordan said "Stay there and fulfill state statute, state law which is to report it to law enforcement or leave at least minimally if you strike unattended property that you at least leave a note there with your information."
State troopers say they don't have much evidence to work with and are hoping someone comes forward with information to help track down who's responsible.