Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office explains past unsubmitted crime reports.

Last week the FDLE semi-annual crime report for law enforcement agencies in Florida was released.
Even though Gilchrist County released statistics for the first six months of this year in 2016 and parts of 2017 Gilchrist did not release any numbers.

A Gilchrist County Sheriff spokesman says their lapse was because they were changing their computer systems which left holes in their uniformed crime report. The FDLE only accepts 6 months of full data

Chief Deputy Jeff Manning explained, "FDLE wants you to submit a 6 month period and if you have any issues in between where you can't get a 6 month period then you're not able to submit it. You're able to submit at 6 months and the end of the year.

Chief Manning says they originally bought new software to track their crime reports but it wasn't the one they really wanted called "smart cop" because it was too expensive. Soon after changing to this new computer system they had to change again.

"During the course of this process with the vendor we were working with they ultimately obtained smart cop, they knew we were having some issues with how we were tracking UCR and things like that so it was natural after you've obtained smart cop you want the smart cop software.

A call shows the reporting is all voluntary so agencies aren't penalized for not submitting the data.