5-year anniversary of Gilchrist County shooting

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GILCHIRST COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)- This is a sad day in the history of Gilchrist County.

September 18th is the 5-year anniversary of a tragedy that shook the town of Bell in 2014.

In an apparent rage against another family member, 51-year-old Don Spirit shot and killed his daughter Sarah Spirit and six grandchildren: Alana Stewart, Brandon Stewart, Destiny Stweart, Jonathan Kuhlmann, Kylie Kuhlmann and Kaleb Kuhlmann.

In a social media post, Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz mourned the loss, but also praised first responders and the community for the love and support -

"5 years ago today, our community was reminded that we are not isolated from pure evil that exists in this world. The thought of anyone harming innocent children has always made me cringe, so the news that a grandfather murdered his 6 grandchildren and daughter was completely shocking and inconceivable. But through the devastation, we seen our county rally and support the remaining family and each other in ways I had never seen. Today I remember those babies who were senselessly taken much to soon; but I also remember the courage and professionalism displayed by many public safety personnel within our county, as well as the love and support shown by our community.