Groups for and against reformed gun laws come to North Central Florida

Marjory Stoneman Douglas students met with politicians running for election at a UF, student led Town Hall meeting forum in Gainesville to talk about gun reform.
While in Ocala, Libertarians held an open carry march to stand up for their own gun rights.
More than a hundred marchers joined forces in Ocala, some showing up to fight for their right to own guns.
Ben Bath Marched in the open carry march and said "They have rights, but don't mess with my rights, you won't like it. Its a God given country and we'll defend it. Don't take away mine and I won't take away yours."
Others like Joe Mcdonnell came to start a conversation which they say is long overdue.
"It's to let the public know that the law abiding firearms owner is not the problem. It's also to start the discussion that solutions are needed and real solutions not just knee jerk emotionalism to address the root causes of violence in all of our communities."
In Gainesville, A "Never Again" town hall meeting had several Democrats running for Florida congress, and one Republican Senator answering questions about what they would do to help gun reform. The crowd also hearing testimonies from parkland shooting survivors.
Alyson Moriarty is part of the UF led group to put on the Forum and she said "We all have specific different opinions about what is going on but the main goal is to just decrease gun violence and increase gun reform, mainly get the wrong guns out of the wrong people's hands."
Taryn Hibshman is a Senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and was one of multiple Parkland students to speak, she said "I believe if we keep using our voices, keep talking, keep talking that we will reach that and so I think it was productive and if everyone keeps doing this we will see change."
Many agreed the fight isn't against all guns, just high powered military rifles.
Hibshman said "I respect the second amendment, all the "never again" movement respects the second amendment. We want to reform it, it was amended in 1791 when all they had were single shot muskets, now there are military grade weapons that do not belong in civilian society."