Guns Stolen From Ocala Gun and Pawn Shop

Burglars break into an Ocala pawn and gun store and make off with 15 guns.
watch some of the surveillance video and hear what police have to say about the rogue guns on Ocala streets.
Ocala Police Information Officer Meghan Shay said "Shortly before 3am on Monday morning there was a burglary at a local pawn shop and 15 guns were stolen."
And the burglars didn't take long to get in and out.
Shay went on to describe "According to the surveillance video so by the time they broke in the door to the time they were out and stole the 15 guns it was only about a four minute timeframe."
Tv20's Landon Harrar reported "the burglars stole a variety of different guns and 8 rifles, one of those rifles similar to an AR-15."
The guns were stolen from a glass display case and a wall display.
Shay said "Unfortunately for a store like this one where you have a lot of guns being sold it's not really feasible for them to take their entire inventory and lock it in safes every night so we understand that.
She also said the criminals bypassed all the store's security.
"This particular pawn shop had many security measures in place they had a gate, bars on the doors a security system. They were able to get in and break the glass in the front door and actually climb through the bars at the front door."
Other gun store owners say they don't leave their guns out.
David Talsky owns T.F. Arms LLC and he goes through the same safety steps every night. "Going back a year ago when the ATF did their official interview he said the worst thing you can do is make it easier for the bad guys. So we do go through a few additional steps, everything we have here in glass cabinets or having on the wall behind me they're secured very properly at night."
Every licensed Ocala gun dealer, including Talsky received an ATF email telling them about the robbery and asking them to check their inventories.
"I don't think one gun store owner that I know is trying to put any kind of firearms into the hands of criminals. So with that being said, take the extra steps at night, put your stuff away and keep it out of sight out of mind so you don't end up reading on the news that these things were used by the wrong people."
The 15 stolen guns are worth roughly 9-thousand dollars.