GutFest 2017

Published: Jul. 21, 2017 at 6:37 PM EDT
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"When people come together to celebrate life, to celebrate each other and creativity, it's a really beautiful thing,” said Madhava Collins, ‘Time’ band member.

Artists like Madhava Collins whose band named ‘Time' will perform at the first ever GutFest. It will take place all weekend long in the downtown Gainesville area... but what exactly is GutFest?

"GutFest is a vehicle for artist of all types to showcase their experimental or unpublished work or to reimagine existing work with a theatrical element,” said David Thomas, GutFest Artist Coordinator.

The "gut" in GutFest stands for Gainesville Underground Theatre.

It was created for various artists to have the "guts" to take risks….

"We got performance from fire dancers, burlesque, performance art, art instillation, music, and a variety of performances,” said Thomas.

I got to talk to the man behind GutFest, Director Matthew Bratko, who says his team has been working on the event since November.

“Every act is very different, we don't have two things that are the same,” said Matthew Bratko, GutFest Director.

Brake says sixty acts are performing over the three day weekend in six different downtown venues starting Friday night at Mama’s Club and the Civic Media Center.

"Saturday we got High Dive, The Atlantic, and Black C Gallery; and then on Sunday we got C Gallery, Box Cart, and Depot Park,” said Thomas.

David said the goal of GutFest is to elevate Gainesville as an artistic hub by bringing in local, regional, and out of state artists. Which is exciting for local artists like Madhava Collins.

"We book shows all over the country ourselves for our band, so it's great to have a group of people that want to create a space where artist can come an do their thing, express themselves, and get out what they want to share with the world,” said Collins.

The weekend long underground performance art festival is free and open to the public.