Habitat for Humanity and Publix donate home to mother of two

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. An Ocala family had their wishes granted this morning when a crew with habitat for humanity and Publix started building them a home.

Monique grants said, "I can't believe this is actually happening right now, this is so crazy."

After the first wall was lifted into place, Monique Grant says her long time family dream for herself and her two daughters Jasmine and Janiah is finally coming true.

Monique grant said, "I was in a small apartment, and my girls had to share a room, they would fight all the time. So I’m excited that they now have their own rooms and can do whatever they want to do with them."

Habitat for Humanity crews say Monique's application was selected for the special project back in May and come Wednesday morning, it was time for crews to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Crews say the home was all funded through Publix charities, who in return, nicknamed the home "the house that Publix built.

Jeff Ruttenber said, "we have thirty some Publix employees and managers here to help raise the walls. Monique is our family partner here and this is just an exciting day for her."

And as helpers signed their words of encouragement on the walls, Monique says this will be a day that she will always remember.

Monique grant said, "I hope i don't cry that day, but they'll be tears of joy if I do. I'm just so ready and excited to move in so I’m looking forward to that day."

The home will be finished within the next 6-8 months