Hawthorne High School parents, faculty working to keep school open

Hawthorne High School parents and staff are working around-the-clock to save their school by getting it’s letter grade up.

A new PTA board is meeting monthly to brainstorm ideas to boost students attendance, work ethics and test scores to help Hawthorne High.

The school was graded a “D” last year, and given an ultimatum by the state - raise the grade to a “C” by the end of the school year, or close down.

Parents and faculty say the biggest task they’ve tackled is getting everyone involved, from students to city staff.

Graduation rates from the 2016-2017 school year released today show the school improved from 70 the previous year to 74 percent.

Staff members say they hope everyone’s effort will raise students grades and morale enough to keep the school open for next year.