Hawthorne Middle/High School to remain open

HAWTHORNE, Fla. (WCJB)- Hawthorne will remain the Home of the Hornets.

Alachua County Public Schools is planning for Hawthorne Middle/High School to keep functioning as normal.

The school's future was up in the air when the state gave them an “I" letter grade for “Incomplete" after the school earned several “D's" in a row.

"Everything here is so tight-knit,” Blake Moore, an incoming 9th grader of Hawthorne Middle/High School, said.

For Blake Moore, Hawthorne Middle/High School is much more than a building, it's home.

"It's all been pretty good really. Everybody I've known, knows momma, pretty much,” he said.

The doors of his school were to close if it didn't earn at least a “C" grade this year.

Hawthorne Middle/High school has been a “D" school for years.

"Well, I figured that everybody has to get some better grades or I'd probably have to be homeschooled."

Two weeks ago school grades were released and much to the confusion of parents and students the school was given an “I" for “Incomplete "

"it's kind of like a slap in the face,” Angela Moore, Blake Moore’s mother, said.

The state still in the process of validating the school's test scores but in the meantime, the school will remain open.

“It gives us a very happy feeling, you know, a sense of relief,” Ms. Moore said.

It is still unclear when the state will release the grade for Hawthorne Middle/High School but some parents in the community are looking up.

"We love our school, we love our community, and we are so proud,” Ms. Moore said.

She also says the uncertainty of Hawthorne's Middle/High School's fate brought their small community even closer.

"All community members stepped up, businesses stepped up, parents, everybody. It just goes to show what can be done when people want to help,” Ms. Moore said.

We reached out to the state to find out what could happen if grades are released during the school year and the grade isn't met but we haven't received an answer.

Hawthorne Middle And High School students will have their first day of classes August 13th.