Healthcare clinic offers flat rate per month unlimited visits, no insurance needed.

Published: Aug. 16, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT
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With health insurance costs skyrocketing, some are looking for an alternative.

Imagine, for instance, paying a flat rate of fewer than 150 dollars and having most non- emergency health care needs taken care of without dealing with an insurance company.

Clinics with this concept are now an option for residents of North Central Florida.

"Our motto is you're our patient we're your doctors it's that simple."

Dr. Cotter and Dr. Tyndall-Smith decided to start their practice because they were being worn down by helping so many patients a day that building a relationship with a patient was nearly impossible.

Dr. Cotter who is a co-founder of Gainesville DPC Physicians and a board-certified family medicine provider explained "When I'm seeing a patient every 20 minutes and I don't have time to eat lunch or use the bathroom I'm already at a stressed level. Not just physically but also emotionally and intellectually so it's really not optimal for patient care at all."

Her partner and co-founder of the healthcare facility Althea Tyndall-Smith, also a board-certified family medicine doctor added. "So we have 8-10 patients a day, a normal traditional medical practice is usually 22 patients a day which gives you 10,15, 20 minutes tops with a patient which is very difficult."

The way this DPC or Direct Primary Care facility works is- patients will pay a flat fee once a month to receive care which varies depending on categories. For example, college students pay 35 dollars or a family of four would be covered by 160 dollars.

Cotter says they can handle almost any type of general sickness or problem you have. "For that, we provide all of the care that a patient needs that we can provide and being board-certified family medicine physicians that is usually 80 to 90 percent of the care that anyone would need. You should call me if you need stitches, or are running a fever if you're vomiting or have a rash."

This isn't the first clinic of its kind as other similar practices can be found in Ocala, Gainesville and Lake City. Still, both Dr. Cotter and Dr. Tyndall-Smith are excited to be able to practice medicine in a more relaxed and personalized environment.

Dr. Cotter said "I wanted to do this because I love having relationships with my patients, that's my goal. I want to return to caring about people and I want my patients to be able to be who they are with me and I want to be able to be who I am with my patients."

Dr. Tyndall-Smith added, "it's going back to the old time medicine. I have my black bag I can now use it, that I'm very excited about and I can take it out and do my visits to patients homes or offices or wherever they need it."

Gainesville DPC, located in Newberry, officially opens its doors on September 4th. Dr. Tyndall- Smith will be accepting up to 400 patients while Dr. Cotter - up to 200 for now.