Heavy rains cause flooding in NCFL

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- There is flooding Friday night in several counties in North Central Florida due to heavy rainfall.

A number of roads in Levy County are closed due to flooding and crews in Marion County are working to make sure theirs stay open.

The National Weather Service out of Jacksonville has issued this Flood Watch for western and central Marion County this will be in effect until Saturday evening.

Emergency Management with the Marion County Sheriff's Office is carefully monitoring these flood areas.

"Working with our public works departments, DOT, and our public safety agencies, working with them to make sure we're mitigating and staying ahead of the Flooding issues here in Marion County,” said Emergency Management Director Preston Bowlin.

According to Emergency Management Director Preston Bowlin, the only area of real concern at this time is the 7500 block of South 441.

"We're actually working with DOT and Marion County Road Departments making sure that the water is at a sad level. We have narrowed the two-lane highway down to one lane to be able to slow drivers down and we also actually included rumble strips to be able for drivers to know that they need to slow down and be cautious,” Bowlin said.

Officials are advising residents to stay alert if they are out on the road.

"We have a saying of turn around don't drown. More people die each year because of flooding and it's not just coastal flooding but it's because of weather like this even inland,” he added.

It's expected that Marion County and several other counties across North Central Florida will receive up to 6 inches of rain.