High Springs Lions Club to host ‘Woodstock Revisited’ music festival

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HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. (WCJB)-- The High Springs Lions Club located on 26900 U.S. Highway 27 will host a three-day ‘Woodstock Revisited' music festival starting Friday.

Local and traveling bands will be performing music from the Woodstock era and recreating songs similar to the music from that era.

An event-day pass to the festival is $30 and a weekend-day pass is $50.

All proceeds will be going to charity.

“Everything that we get from the public and the community, 100% of that goes back out to charity,” said Lanier Smith, High Springs Lions Club president. “That’s why people need to come out to this project, plus it’s going to be a very good time.”

Click on the link below to purchase tickets.

Woodstock Revisited - High Springs Lions Club

The High Springs Lions Club and the United States Military Vets Motorcycle Club of Alachua County, in collaboration with Musical Director, Jesse Smith of the Jesse Smith Project, are celebrating Woodstock Revisited - A 50th Anniversary music fest.