High Springs Police Department gets 8 new patrol vehicles

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HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. (WCJB)-- In their own words, “Santa came a little early for the High Springs Police Department.” Through a government lease program, the agency was able to obtain eight new patrol vehicles.

Each of the new cars came equipped with updated technology, laptop computers, AEDs and in-car video cameras.

"Public safety is vital to our city, and the replacement of an aging fleet is crucial to the operation of a vibrant police department. A number of our older vehicles exceeded 180 thousand miles, ranged in twelve to fifteen years of age,” the department said on Facebook.

Some of the older vehicles will be funneled into other areas in the city and some will be sold in an effort to offset costs.

As far as funding for the vehicles, the purchase was made using the department’s annual allotted funds for new vehicles.