High Springs woman stranded in Peru makes it back home

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HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. (WCJB)-- After days of uncertainty, Ellen Cecil and more than 20 other Americans in her tour group were able to get on the only flight from Lima, Peru to Miami on Saturday. Three other flights were scheduled to leave on the same day at the same time but were canceled last minute.

The tour group, Odyssey Unlimited, coordinated with the U.S embassy and the mayor of Lima, Jorge Munoz to arrange a police escort, a chartered plane and a six-hour window for the lima airport to fly the four planes into Miami.

Cecil said, "And unfortunately there are probably close to 1200 more Americans who are stuck in Peru and my heart goes out to them. Some of them are stuck in Cuzco, they can't even get to Lima. They're running out of money, they're running out of medicines, they're running out of hope really."

Cecil says that while she was in Lima, she could not leave her hotel room and was feeling lonely.
But with the help of Mayor Kent Guinn of Ocala, Mayor Munoz of Lima, House Representative Ted Yoho and close friend Debbie.
Cecil waited in line, wore a mask and flew more than five hours back to the states.

Cecil's husband Steve then drove for more than six hours on Saturday to pick up ellen at the airport in Miami.
Ellen says she's happy to be back in high springs but her heart goes out to more than a thousand Americans who are still in Peru.