High school students taught how to "adult"

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NEWBERRY, Fla. (WCJB) - Newberry High School students were taught how to handle finances Monday through a UF IFAS program called Alachua County 4-H "Living On My Own."

They used a simulated experience to teach teenagers how to be adults once they become graduates.

"I'll be graduating in a couple months, so I would like to get a feel for how everything will be," said Newberry High Senior Kalep Parker.

Program Assistant Lauren Corley said, "I hope they kind of get an experience in reality, maybe learn some things about how much life really costs after high school."

The Panthers were each given new identities as part of the program. "They're given sort of a life situation as if they're 25, an occupation, the required education for that occupation, and an income," said Corley.

Tyranae Gullatte, a senior, said, "They're teaching us about life skills and how to be able to budget our money and spend our money wisely and make sure we have control of our finances"

The students said they learned how important higher education is.

Parker said, "I think it's going to help you and prevent you from running into mistakes like going into deep debt and having high credit card balances from month to month."

"For each booth we wanted a member of the community who worked in that area, so for our car auto booth, we have RPM Auto, a representative coming from Newberry's community"

"My english, history, and math teacher said they would give us extra credit for participating in this because it benefits us," said Gullatte.

The program will also be held at Hawthorne High School on February 20th.