Home Dedication Ceremony

Published: Feb. 25, 2018 at 9:47 PM EST
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An all-female volunteer program called Alachua Women Build and Alachua Habitat for Humanity worked together to provide a home for Tonya Kelly-Scott and her family.

Kelly-Scott helped in the construction of the home as well. It took exactly one year for the house to be complete.

With the help of volunteers, sponsors, and the construction team, Kelly-Scott and her family's dream of owning a home became a reality.

Kelly-Scott has put in over 200 service hours to build her home and now she finally has the keys.

"I feel ecstatic," said homeowner Tonya Kelly-Scott. "No words can say how I feel right now."

While this was Alachua Habitat for Humanity's 134th home the have ever built; this was Alachua Women Build's 10th home.

"Well what's special about having a site with women only is that well first you don't have the men grabbing the power tools and women don't feel embarrassed asking if they don't know how to do something they'll ask," said Chair of Alachua Women Build Susan Vince.

Most of us know the saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child,' but in this case it took a village to build a home.

The city of High Springs donated the land for the home and Publix Supermarket donated a total of $70,000 for its construction.

"When we have a home dedication, it brings together the volunteers, it brings together the sponsors and of course it brings together the family who is going to be owning this house and paying the mortgage for this house," said Executive Director of Alachua Habitat for Humanity Scott Winzeler.

Kelly-Scott is looking forward to growing with her family in her new home and shares what she expects in the future.

"Seeing my kids prosper, having grandkids. Not too soon, but having grandkids," said Kelly-Scott.

The final details for Kelly-Scott's mortgage are being worked out but in the meantime, Alachua Women Build has already started working on its 11th home. This home will be located in Northeast Gainesville.