Hometown Heroes | Mission: Support Veterans

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) --- “If you respect your freedom, take care of your veterans."

Ronna Jackson is a staple in her community when it comes to supporting veterans. With her late son as her motivation

"In 2010 on February the 13th my life changed forever I got that unwelcoming knock on the door gave the news that my son had been killed in action," said Jackson.

Shortly after her son’s death, she joined a military support group and from there she joined a team who sends dozens of care packages overseas to veterans.

“I took my healing instead of going in an angry way, I took it as part of my healing to give back to veterans and what better way to devote your lifetime in your spare time to those who sacrifice everything for you," said Jackson.

Ronna hosts events and fundraises every dollar that supports her mission.

“Ronna doesn’t let you forget, sometimes we get busy and Ronna is right there, right over your shoulders right by your heart and she’s sitting there telling you I need help doing this,” said Lu Ann Smith.

Ronna is working with the American Legion for her next event.

“It’s called the Blessing Buckets, we gather approximately 50 homeless and transitioning veterans and we give them all the contents that they need to survive the cold winter nights," said Jackson.

“Ronna is my hero and I think she is a hero for this entire community, she's certainly a hero to our veterans," said Smith.