How finding a Valentine has changed through the decades

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - In this day and age, people have all sorts of ways to find their Valentine. You can meet someone online, at the grocery store, at work, or on a social media dating app.

"My dad was in show business in Las Vegas and my mother was a waitress when they met," said UF student Dino Bizzarro. "It's been 22 years."

"My dad asked my mom out, she said no. A couple more times, he was very persistent. She finally said yes, and they've been married over 40 years now," said Director of Social Media Master's Program at UF Andrew Selepak.

There's no doubt about it. Dating used to be very different.

UF Youth and Development Program Relationship Educator Victor Harris said, "One of the things I think we've kind of moved from is just the ability to communicate face to face and texting is a lot easier."

Millennials are gravitating towards social media and dating apps.

"I was literally like on tinder, back home in South Florida, and he messaged me," said UF student Nicholas Gobel. "I started messaging back and when I came back up, we started hanging out a few times and then we started dating."

Harris said using apps to find a partner can be tricky. "I think if we're not careful, we're not using it in the way that it's meant."

One thing's for certain, human beings were built for relationships.

"We have this desire this need to have a close real love relationship with someone," said Harris.

Harris thinks apps have their pros and cons.

"What you can do is do a little background check on them, you can start seeing who their friends are, who they know, what their interests are," said Selepak.

Bizzarro said, "I wouldn't say using Tinder would get you into a serious relationship."

"My parents tend to talk things out in person cause they don't really use their phones, they don't rely on their phones as much as our generation does," said UF student Cady Casellas.

"If you meet them online, if you meet them at the grocery store, if you meet them at the gym, at the end of the day it's about finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with," Selepak said.

Whether you're swiping right to find your Valentine this year or sitting across from them at the dinner table, we know dating will continue to evolve throughout the years.