Howard Bishop students win silver medal in engineering competition

Published: Feb. 20, 2020 at 11:46 PM EST
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A middle school engineering club made history with their model of a green city.

For the first time in Gainesville's history, the future city club at Howard Bishop middle school traveled all the way to St. Petersburg to present their model of Gainesville 100 years in the future.

Eighth-grader Kathleen Ferrer said, "My favorite part was getting to know and work with some people I hadn't met before."

The team of six students had to create a model city with a resilient water supply. They call it 'Hedgeslugopolis.'

Lilikoi Goldman, sixth-grader said, "the challenge was to use recycled stuff, so styrofoam, old sponges, towels, um bears, plastic, cardboard boxes."

Since September the team met every Tuesday to research, design and build the model.

Evan Floyd, sixth-grader said, "it took a lot of gathering of resources and a lot of spray paint. A lot of spray paint."

The future club presentations came mid-January. Out of 28 other teams in the Florida Tampa Bay region, Howard Bishop took home the silver medal.

Sixth-grader Eli Wells said, "when we got announced in the top five we presented again and then they announced the scores and that was pretty nerve-racking."

Goldman added, "we went and got second place again."

The future city club at Howard Bishop also won the people's choice award. Each team member was given a certificate by the city commission to honor their achievements.