Hundreds line up for Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving

Gainesville, FL. (WCJB) -- Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, football and for some, waiting in lines to get the best Black Friday deals before everyone else. Here's why a few patient shoppers waiting in lines said they were willing to wait for hours to get that one special item.

At the Butler plaza Best Buy in Gainesville, one family slept in tents overnight to secure their place in line. Others showed up at 7 am and when the doors finally opened at 5 pm the line was pushing 200 people, excited to get their Black Friday shopping started.

Everyone who waited had specific reasons and deals in mind that they wanted to be first to grab.
Karen and Kimberly Sanchez are sisters who showed up at 7 am to spend the day together and also be first in line. "I literally waited months for Black Friday deals so I can get a new laptop for college and everything and I waited and I didn't sleep at all tonight I was prepping lunches and everything just so I can get a laptop today."

Brandon Parfait was more interested in an entertainment upgrade ."A PS4 and a new tv, I've had a 40-inch element for a couple of years now that was a hand me down and I'm like time for a 58' and an upgrade."

Some waited the whole time themselves while others like Damien Quinones used tag team tactics.
"My mom and my cousin they do this every single year, they know where to go so they came out here earlier today and I kind of took over around 2 o'clock and they're god knows where else right now."

However, this year's line was shorter than in the past and many like Damien Quinones said they feel they've been getting shorter every year. "I think with online shopping it's easier to do it that way. I pretty much came out, well I could have gotten this tv online but it's an experience. You come out here, meet new people and get good deals and I get to go home with a tv today instead of waiting for a delivery."

Many of these purchases will end up underneath a Christmas tree, but for Damien, he says his new tv will be going up immediately for a specific reason. "I got 30 days left to watch friends on Netflix, it's my favorite show of all time so I want to watch it right now. I'm going to do 236 episodes in 30 days I can do it."

As much fun as it looked like waiting in line and making new friends after the doors opened and the line disappeared inside that's when the majority of shoppers actually started pouring in. None of them having to wait longer than 20 minutes at the register lines to get their items.