EMS crews from Southeast US head to NCFL ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 4:43 PM EDT
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Hundreds of Emergency service workers from across the Southeast set up camp in NCFL.

EMS Crews have been stationed in Lake City, Gainesville, and now High Springs ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

A fleet of ambulances and emergency response vehicles flooded into High Springs Monday afternoon.

Crews from places like Louisiana and Tennesee spent the day setting up camp at the High Springs Fellowship Church waiting to be deployed to places needing help as Hurricane Dorian makes it's way up the coast.

"A lot of good people to work with, I've learned an extreme amount and even though this is my first deployment working with this group of people I feel very experienced and that I'm in good hands "

Solomon traveled from Hillsborough County and says he is ready for whatever Dorian may bring.

He also says North Central Florida is a great location because of the areas easy access to highways.

"If the storm does move anywhere north or south we do have a good base of operations to get down there and we're not in the direct path," Solomon said.

First responders were told to pack for at least 7 days but in anticipation, some say they packed for much longer.