Hundreds show to protest Donald Trump Jr's UF speaking engagement

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - It was a loud and rowdy crowd on the University of Florida campus as more than a thousand students descended on the auditorium.
That's where Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle spoke to a full room.

There were rules about keeping it civil, rules stating if you were a distraction by speaking or even standing while Trump Jr was speaking you would be kicked out, we saw at least 3 people get removed.
Some throwing curse words at the president's son as well as others flat out yelling at him to leave.

While the noise outside was loud, it didn't quiet down once the speeches started as both Kimberley Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. spoke through a barrage of verbal attacks and interruptions.

An hour and a half before the event started hundreds of protestors showed up waving signs and chanting things like no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.

Matthew Diaz a 4th-year student and protestor said, "I came representing 9 of the largest student organizations here at UF, we all came under one message to stand in unity against this type of divisiveness. It comes down to the fact these are people being paid for by our students' fees. Many students who can barely pay for university are now having to pay for people whose ideologies are a direct attack on their very existence."

Trump supporters, many proudly wearing the symbolic red hats, say they came to hear a prominent political figure speak and would have done so whoever that figure was because of the importance of free speech.

Graham Yirka explained, "If someone like Bernie Sanders would come, someone who I would never vote for in a million years, I'd be glad I might even attend to listen, not to protest but to listen to whats going on. Because even if I don't agree with him at all, Bernie Sanders is a senator and he's accomplished a lot."

Donald Trump Jr. had his own message of free speech for the protestors in the crowd trying to drown his words out. "What is interesting about ideas is your ideas can't be all that good if you're not willing to let other people speak their's?"

Much of the controversy came from students unhappy the student government paid 50-thousand dollars for both to speak, 3rd-year UF student Kiara Laurent saying, "50-thousand dollars for multi-cultural diversity affairs we have different organizations and associations to tender for our different cultures and students here and we would like that money back and back into our pockets and for the students."

But the timing in this political climate also had protestors unhappy.

Graham stated, "the 2020 election is right upon us and to bring this so close to the campaign, to bring a senior campaign advisor to the university like this it's basically a campaign event in many of the student's eyes. So going into this I think a lot of students felt their money is being unduly used to essentially fund Donald Trump's campaign."

When we walked out of the venue after the speeches were done the protestors were still right there waiting and chanting at those who had gone inside. Still, In the end, no matter which side you fall on everybody can agree on one thing, they all had their chance to say what they felt was important.