NCFL Hurricane Michael Information


Dixie County:
- Schools closed Tuesday through Thursday

Levy County:
- Schools closed Wednesday and Thursday

Gilchrist County
- Early release Tuesday at 1pm and closed Wednesday

Suwannee County:
- Schools closed Tuesday through Friday

Alachua County:
- Blue Pearl Academy's Millhopper Campus closed Wednesday and Thursday
- Newberry Christian Community School closed Wednesday and Thursday
- Alachua County Public Schools will remain open

Columbia County:
-Schools closed Wednesday and Thursday, will re-open Friday

Bradford County
- Schools closed Wednesday and Thursday, will re-open Friday

Union County
- Schools closed Tuesday through Friday

The University of Florida
- has issued closures for some of its facilities, including Cedar Key and Live Oak

Santa Fe College:
-NW Campus and all centers will close at 3:30pm on Wednesday and will resume normal operating hours on Thursday.
Alachua County: No shelters open.

- Homeless Shelter Grace Marketplace will operate above capacity, and provide food, shelter, and other services to anyone without housing in Alachua County who needs a safe place to go.

Dixie County:
- New Dixie County High School (opens at 6pm)
- Bell Health Academy at Bell Middle/High School: Special Needs Shelter (opens at 6pm)

Levy County:
- Bronson Elementary School WILL NOW BE CLOSED
(According to officials, it's being closed due to flooding)

Suwannee County:
- Suwannee Intermediate School (special needs shelter)
- Suwannee Elementary School
- Branford Elementary School
- Beachville Advent Christian Church (opens at 6pm)

Columbia County
- South Comulbua Fort White Community Center
- Westside Community Center
- Winfield Community Center
Levy County:
- Yankeetown Water Plant
- Inglis Municipal Building
- Fowler's Bluff Fire Station
- Cedar Key Community Center
- Rosewood Fire Station
- Gulf Hammock Fire Station

Dixie County:
- County Yard, 149 SE 309 Street.

Suwannee County:
- City of Live Oak Fire Department, 200 NE Duval Street, Live Oak, FL.
- There is a pile of sand located at the Suwannee County Judicial Annex, located on Parshley Avenue, near the intersection of Suwannee Avenue.

Columbia County:
- Columbia County Public Works

Bradford County:
- Emergency Management Maintenence Yard