Hurricane Michael damage 'a surprise' to Cedar Key residents

CEDAR KEY, Fla. (WCJB)- After worrying about flooding and storm surge Cedar Key residents are beginning their clean-up efforts today.

Some restaurants, businesses, and roadways in Cedar Key did experience some flooding.

One resident says the island was spared compared to hurricanes in the past

In his 30 years living in Cedar Key, Ray Ermel has been through a handful of hurricanes

"Last time we lost a lot of stuff but this time I definitely got prepared. We're actually getting used to the hurricanes this year,” he said.

The preparation paid off for some residents.

City leaders say the some of worst damage Cedar Key experienced is due to flooding.

"Being in Cedar Key as long as I've had and weathered as many hurricanes as I have here, we have the usual spots that go underwater every time we have a storm and it was basically coming just how I expected,” Chief Virgil Sandlin, with the Cedar Key Police Department, said.

The roads in Cedar Key are now open.

The city has decided not to provide storm debris pick up because of the minimal damage.

Levy county schools are re-opening tomorrow.

The Cedar Key Seafood Festival is still on for October 20-21