IFAS researchers are finding new ways to market Florida peaches

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 9:13 PM EDT
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University of Florida scientists are researching new ways to find consumers for Florida grown peaches other than just buying them at the grocery store.

Here's what beer has to do with it.

A presentation at First Magnitude Brewing Company had 3 experts talk about the rising development of Florida peaches and how they can be used to make products, specifically beer.

With Florida's citrus crops facing extreme difficulties due to hurricanes and diseases like "greening", experts say turning to peaches may just help struggling farmers get back into the game.

Dr. Macintosh, UF Food Science Professor, says, "with these fruits, we have a lot of different options than just selling them in the Florida markets but we have to talk about how they're used because they are different. Muscadine grapes that grow well in Florida are different from the traditional kinds of grapes, Florida peaches that grow well in Florida are a little bit different. They're smaller so that makes them slightly less attractive on the market but they make for phenomenal juicing."

The presentation also went into detail about the fermentation process of Florida peaches and how things such as how many "cold" days during the year can affect the taste, look and feel of the fruits.

IFAS researchers gave their successfully juiced peaches to First Magnitude's brewers who not only made beer out of them but also taught the IFAS researchers the best approach to fermenting the fruits so the taste of the product is actually enjoyable.

In case you were wondering what First Magnitudes peach beer tastes like, Dr. Macintosh says as long as you go into it knowing it's going to be quite tart, you should enjoy it.