Innovation Hub Expansion Nears Completion

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Since opening its doors in January 2012, the Innovation Hub has provided space and resources for almost 3-dozen local technology startups creating over 800 new jobs. Now the site is expanding.

"We were basically at capacity and yet there were a lot more companies in the community ... that needed to have access to the resources and the facilities that we provide . So we were fortunate to get another $8 million from the Economic Development Administration with a $9 million match from the University of Florida", according to Jane Muir, Director of the Innovation Hub.

Phase 2 began in October 2016 and when completed, will double the size of the Innovation Hub, making it nearly 100,000 square feet.

Will Richardson, Founder of Admiral, and Dan Rua, Admiral CEO, say the company is currently in the Innovation Hub, but will be expanding into the new space. Their company, founded from a former group involved with GrooveShark, helps ad-supported websites solve revenue losses from ad blockers.

ETechRX is joining the Innovation Hub for the first time once the expansion is complete. Harry Travis, the President and CEO of the company says they are "Developing a tiny ingestible sensor that you swallow with your prescription medicine and when you swallow it, it sends a signal... to your pharmacist or your physician that lets them know you took your medicine."

Construction is expected by near completion by November. Technology based startup companies in the community are encouraged to apply.

You can send the Innovation Hub an inquiry here: