Innovative Cancer Treatments At North Florida Regional Medical Center

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Different treatment options are available to help patients with cancer and doctors at North Florida Regional Medical Center are using new methods and techniques.

The hospital is using multiple innovative procedures to help fight cancer including Robotic Surgery/ Minimally Invasive Procedure and Pancreas Cancer Procedure. North Florida Regional Medical Center's Dr. Francisco Macedo is a Surgical Oncologist and the only doctor in the area that performs the HIPEC Procedure.

Dr. Macedo performs multiple Minimally Invasive Procedures at the hospital that help treat Liver, Pancreas and Gastric cancer. Pancreas cancer is widespread across the country and will be the second high leading cause of cancer death in the US this year, according to Dr. Macedo.

Cancer care is evolving and Dr. Macedo said, that at North Florida Regional Medical Center blood tests will be used in future cancer care to detect some undetectable cancers. Also, the facility will perform clinical trials.

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